24 June 2012

Help Me For The Essay ^_^

Hello everybody..since my essay will start soon, i wanna create an english post..can ar?? so sorry if broken english.. i just wanna practice..haaaa.. (*susa siot english nie)..

First of all..sorry coz i did not update my blog..well, i having some difficulties on my life..hahaha..ignore ignore..so then, i typing in dark now, so if any wrong spelling, please accept my apologize haa :) luv u all laa!!
now, im a part 3 student + calculus 1 repeater..pfftt >.< so sad eaa.. but i will do my best this sem!! especially calculus!!! i will fight!!!! A++ student ( Dr. Carolyn word's, well miss her so much as my BEL part 2 lecturer ^_^ ) * BEL- course code for intermediate english :)

So now, my essay is "Illegal Abortion".. hahaha..interesting right.. common issues nowadays.. i with my partner, Biha Sumari, will do an essay about Illegal abortion with more than 500 words.. (our essay must more than 500 words, WAJIB!!).. it will be difficult.. so, if u have any idea about the essay, please PM me on my Facebook: Eqeen Rashid.. i really need some idea for the essay.. its a tough issues rite?? our focus idea is, The Reasons For Illegal Abortion Among Malaysian Youth.. i already have some point on that, but i think for an essay with million words, my point probably not enough.. i rarely read newspaper.. internet also have a limited article about illegal abortion,and i really dont know anything about abortion.. so, please help me.. i hope u can help me.. huuuu.. but, i really lucky to have a lecturer like Sir Jafri..haa, he did not too choosy and fussy about about our essay.. because, my friend, she said, that her lecturer is too fussy about their essay title..she dont want a common issue laa..dont want this, that..
Motive i said this is: i lucky to have a lecture like Sir Jafri because he makes my burden light..
hahaha...Thanks Sir!!!

Talking about lecturer, this sem, all my lecturer are AWESOME & GORGEOUS!!! *kau hade??
hahahaha.. like usually 6 subject for this sem, CSC238 (OOP/Java), CSC253 (Multimedia), BEL311 (English For Academic Purpose), CTU211 (Sains dan Teknologi Islam), MAT183  (Calculus 1) and MGT162 (Fundamental Management).. plus one co-curiculum, HBU134  (Badan Pertolongan Cemas III)..
Thats all for this sem, wish me luck yaa :)

I really wish, to get DL for this sem, but, i think is impossible because it is really tough to get DL.. Pn.Yusnita said: we must more hard working, study smart, if u want to get DL.. its like a dream if i get DL..hahaha..but, i really wish, get DL, if not this sem.. but someday maybe.. i wish my dream come true.. i really want to meake my parents proud of me.. Insyaallah, someday, i grab the DL :) Amin :)
ANC?? jauh sekali!! oppss..english english...hahaha
*DL: Anugerah Dekan for someone who get pointer 3.50 and above :)
*ANC: Anugerah Naib Canselor for someone who get DL every sem !! awesome dohh
see, tough rite??? huhuhuu :)

Spending night like this, typing a post at middle of night in a dark room and everybody having a nice sleep, so i guess, its time for me to having a nice dream too.. maybe my post is not quite interesting & fun of course... thanks to read dear :)

THANKS FRIENDS to make my life wonderful with full of colours :) I LOVE U :)


         Eqeen Rashid :) honestly :)

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